Learning to use the Avid S6…

…..The new control surface designed for Pro Tools.

The S6 works as a hardware interface for Pro Tools, allowing the user to control the program from a desk rather than with just mouse and keyboard. A daunting program for beginners, Pro Tools is made a lot easier with this as everything is laid out rather than hidden behind multiple screens and pop up windows.

The desk is in the dubbing theatre, used for recording voice overs for TV and film. I’ll be in there a lot in the coming months, helping with the editing and mixing after the fun part – making sound effects – is all done. Looking forward to the experience!

My experiences with the S6 are that it is a massive improvement when automating anything. Volume changes, effect addition or subtraction and panning all instantly become more visible and controllable. The modular layout of the desk is also a massive plus as each owner can purchase as little or as much as required. Working on a large film project, such as the one I am currently mixing, requires tracks to be hidden in the DAW to free up space on the surface. While this isn’t much of a big deal, it balances the time saved by having physical faders and pots to use.


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