Sound Effect Recording

Recently, I spent an evening recording sound effects with Dan Moores at The Sound Loft in Leigh. Video taken with a phone camera so the sound quality isn’t optimised. Over the next few weeks I’ll be uploading some audio samples of the work done.

0.07 – Wood on leather and chain. Great for the sound of a warrior being struck by a tree branch or wooden weapon such as a club or staff.

0.12 – Utility knife into a watermelon. Excellent stabbing and cutting sounds for a battle scene.

0.21 – Hammer on wood. To replicate the sound of someone kicking down a door, or the impact of two objects.

0.26 – The watermelon skin produces a different effect than the centre of the melon. A more subtle stabbing noise with a small impact at the beginning.  A slight twist of the wrist produces a more “gory” sound.

0.35 – More hammer on wood.

0.40 – A bigger knife produces more low end in the stabbing sounds, making a “thicker” sound that is better for larger weapons such as swords, spears and glaives.

0.55 – More wood on leather impact noises.

1.02 – Impact and crushing sounds for gory scenes. Punching the melon produces a cracking sound followed by a squelch.

1.07 – Breaking the melon at different speeds can produce a variety of effects for injuries inflicted in battle.

1.19 – The final blow with a hammer to the melon is excellent for a final blow at the end of an epic on screen battle!


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