FB360 Spatial Workstation

In experimenting with the FB360 VST for one of my favourite DAWs, Cockos Reaper, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to pick up and use, even for one who has never done anything in 360 degree audio and only touched on surround sound. The absolutely free download comes with template projects for Pro Tools, Reaper and Nuendo.

The template starts with a track listing and a helpful note on each telling the user what kind of information to put on each track. If it is unclear in the below image, the orange tracks are used for objects to be panned and the green is for head-locked objects, which do not change position based on the way the head is facing.

FB360 tracks

The panning is done with an incredibly useful VST called the FB360 Spatialiser. A 360 video can be loaded into the Audio 360 Video Player, also free, and set to slave mode. Simple as that, the video appears in the VST window.

FB360VidPlay FB360Spatialiser

The sound can then simply be dragged to the appropriate place using the blue circle (pictured above with the number 1). The distance slider, on the left, is another incredibly useful too for positioning sounds.  360 Audio is something I am looking forward to working with a lot more in the coming months. The post production of our version of Sintel is underway, and I hope to get out a mix containing height elements using some of these techniques.

Note: I discovered this useful tool for acquiring 360 videos to practise audio with: Wondershare Video Converter. Really simple to use, just download the program, copy the URL of the YouTube video you like and it produces a demo copy for you to practise on. It can be trialled for free or purchased for $60.

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