Full Body Foley

My favourite genre to work with is Fantasy. You can do so much with the sound because it is based in a world that is only limited by imagination. Dragon roars, magic spells and epic battles give a lot of scope to sound design and are a lot of fun to plan and perform when adding Foley to a soundtrack.  The video below shows me putting down one take of the sound on a mountain top fight scene.

We used two AKG 414s, one aimed at the feet to pick up footsteps (cornflour for snow) and thumps on the wood, and the other further up to pick up the metallic jingle of chainmail. The belt pulls in the waist to create a cinch point, deadening the upper chest area for a more muted sound and amplifying the waist and thigh mail sounds.

Shoes are incredibly important when doing footsteps, as different sole patterns and thickness produces different sounds. For the bandit in this scene, I chose a running shoe has they have a thick rubber sole and deep grooves, to produce a more crunchy snow sound (as opposed to slippery or wet snow) and a heavier thud when stomping and jumping.

This sequence was used for a creative commons project I am working on at Salford University, putting down all the sound on a 7 minute film clip. We have opted for Sintel, made by the Blender Foundation, which is an epic short film about a girl who finds and befriends a dragon.

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