21st Century Pac Man

I have been learning to create 360 degree audio as part of one of my modules this semester. I used Cockos Reaper and the FB360 Spatial Workstation to edit and pan the audio for a 360 video I found on YouTube – a Pacman 3D experience uploaded by Andy Front Films in 2015 (seen here)

I first opened the panner and used write automation to follow each ghost (Which I named Pinky, Bluey, Reddy and Naranja) individually as they moved on the screen


I did this twice for each track, the first time recording the azimuth angle (left-right) and the elevation angle (up-down). The second time I recorded the distance from the player the ghost is, which attenuates the audio sample more if the source is panned further away. I then added a different ghostly moan sample for each of my four characters, which change pan based on the location of the ghost!

The music was a stereo electronic music track that i split into mono and panned hard left and hard right, with an elevation of 45 degrees to simulate the feel of an arcade machine around the viewer.


The “bleeps” as I called them, or the sounds of Pac Man eating things or dying, were headlocked to the viewer, meaning whichever way they looked those sounds didn’t change direction.


Finally, I ran everything through a severe compressor in an attempt to simulate the characteristics of an arcade machine audio system. It definitely adds punch!

Here is the “finished” product (I say “finished” because I’ll go back to it one day soon!)


Watch The Video Here.

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