Rage of the Water Dragon

This obscure piece again uses 360 audio created in the FB360 Spatial Workstation. The sounds are built by layering samples.

The rain is created with recorded rain, plus a watering can on a patio, plus a thunder sample, plus some tropical birds. The different layers make it seem more “alive” and “natural” than just using rain.

The roars are a combination of two lions, two elephants and me screaming into a microphone. Everything is heavily processed, especially the scream which has been pitch shifted and filtered to remove most of the high end.

The panning is very simple in this clip. The rain is a stereo file, which is headlocked. The dragon roars then move around the listener as if circling their prey. I added in a sample I had in my library of sandpaper on rope, which I have used a number of times to simulate the sound of animal claws on the ground. This comes in between the roar sounds.

Please check out the audio file below!

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