I am a MSc Audio Production student at Salford University that specialises in creating sound effects for TV and film.


I especially enjoy working with the fantasy and science fiction genres as it gives me an excuse to wear armour, swing around heavy weaponry, jump off things and break stuff.

My main passions in life are teaching, high-quality sound and sports. I have a long history of involvement in American Football in the UK as a player and coach and have used the things I have learned to amplify my abilities and skills in other areas: in particularly as a Foley artist.


A lot of sports techniques require matching an opponents footwork and movements (“mirroring”) which has really given me an advantage when performing in the studio.  It has also given me the confidence and lack of fear when close miking intense, hard-hitting sound effects like football tackles, door kicks and wall slams.


I’m always looking for a new project or challenge to push myself and learn new skills, and collaborate with artists and filmmakers to create both artistic works and useful products.